Illini Success


With active channels on social media, weekly newsletters, emails, as well as internal and external communication within the college and employers, the reach of the office communication was well over 15,000+. As part of a larger campus wide initiative, my unit led the charge for the college to encourage participation in the Illini Success survey. As a call-to-action, the Illini Success marketing campaign would run at the end and beginning of each semester. 


As the communications coordinator, I monitored social media channels and created the majority of the content for my unit. While most of our content used a more informational approach, I wanted to create campaigns for the Illini Success that were celebratory, fun, and changed every semester. Furthermore, I wanted real students and images from campus, so I made sure that all imagery came from the Public Affairs Image Database.


Combining Illinois imagery, colors, and references to Illinois-specific traditions (and humor), I designed and wrote copy for several campaigns that were targeted toward engineering students. My Illini Success campaigns ran on all of our social media channels and were featured in various college newsletters and emails. Together with other college and department efforts, these marketing campaigns prompted several engineering students to participate in the Illini Success surveys every year. Read more about the Illini Success reports here.

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