Task: Logo

The Initiative for Media Education Inquiry and Action (IMEDIA) group needed a logo for their website and materials. After speaking with the group about their work, I went to "the drawing board" and brainstormed some ideas. 

Approach: A Telling Logo

With the initiative's telling acronym, I wanted to create a logo that brought in elements of the group's purpose. From workshops that help Illinois teachers craft lessons in media education to conducting research on media literacy, I wanted to logo to incorporate visual elements that hinted at the initiative of the group itself. I brainstormed some items  to represent education, exploration, internet searches, and inquiry.

Outcome: Representative yet Versatile

Based on my correspondence with the IMEDIA group, I knew that their logo would appear on their website, printed documents, as well as other online resources, so I wanted to make a clean logo that would be versatile for numerous  forms. The magnifying glass and computer arrow incorporated both offline and online searches which represented the different approaches involved within media education and inquiry. 


To ensure that the IMEDIA group could easily use their logo on a variety of backgrounds and color combinations, I created a selection of four different logos including black, navy blue, orange, and white. 

Extending the Work: IMEDIA Website Refresh

After my logo work for the IMEDIA team, a representative reached out and invited me to redesign their website. While I did not take any screenshots of the previous website, I worked with the College of Media Tech Services team to get the website migrated from an old management site to a new one. The newer management site allowed me to give the website a more modern look that also provided opportunities to organize the information on the IMEDIA website in more user-friendly ways. Additionally, some other updated included:

  • Incorporated Illinois theme into overall design;
  • Added in photos of IMEDIA team and workshops as well as videos and slides;
  • Created customized buttons to aid navigation of pages;
  • Organized information on various pages to promote easier reading and user experience;

Some screenshots of the refreshed IMEDIA website as of April 2023:

•    •    •

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